Proportion of energy sources in the global power mix from 2005 to 2040 © Siemens Stiftung 2017 CC BY-SA 4.0 international

Proportion of energy sources in the global power mix from 2005 to 2040

The chart shows that renewable energies will make up the largest share in electric power generation worldwide starting in approximately 2040.
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It is clear that fossil energy sources, especially coal, and the power plant technologies developed for them will continue to play a key role in the energy supply. However, this role will steadily shrink.

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In Germany and some other countries, forecasts indicate that the share of renewable energies in electric power generation will increase significantly faster than in the overall consumption of primary energy. For example, in Germany the share in electricity is forecast to be over 65 percent by 2040. Worldwide, however, the forecasts related to electricity and to overall consumption of primary energy (electricity + transportation + heat generation) are both just over 30 percent. How can this difference be explained?

Using the following source: “World Energy Outlook 2012”, International Energy Agency IEA (2012)
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