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A few countries of the world

Interactive graphic:
Interactive world map on which the individual continents can be magnified. Detailed information can be shown for fifteen selected countries.
English, German, Spanish
Interactive (336.4 kByte)
The interactive graphic is used to get to know fifteen selected countries of the world.
On the world map, all highlighted countries can be labeled with their name and capital by clicking the corresponding button.
If you click a land area on the world map, the corresponding continent is magnified. If you click again on a selected country, an additional window opens, showing detailed information about the country:
• Flag
• Name of the country
• Capital
• Official language
• Population
• Land area

Russia and Turkey are assigned completely to the Asian continent here. Teachers should point out to the students that these two countries are partially located on the European continent.
Interactive graphic
Personal, social and health education (PSHE)
Grade 1 to 4
Elementary school
Australia (continent); Brazil; Chile; China (People's Republic of); Colombia; Globalization; Greece; India; Ireland (Republic of); Kenya; Namibia; Nigeria; USA (country)
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