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Bending water (hints for printing)

Incremental hints:
The six hints and answers, given for the worksheet of the same name, are prepared for printing. The last hint presents the complete solution.
English, German, Spanish
PDF (370.6 kByte), DOC (708.5 kByte)
Working with incremental hints allows weaker students to develop a solution independently, helping them gain a sense of achievement and experience learning success. The document provides assistance related to the content and learning strategy for solving the task from the worksheet of the same name.

Information and ideas:
The students who did not use the hints to solve the task should also read the last hint with the complete solution to compare their results.
The hints have been designed so that they can be printed double-sided and folded. Additional information on how the hints are used is compiled in the teaching methods named “Tasks with incremental hints – an introduction” that are available on the media portal.
Answer sheet
Chemistry; Physics
Grade 5 to 6; Grade 7 to 9
Middle/high school
Electricity; Force; Particle; Water
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