Service-Learning in STEM subjects

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The media package contains a 48-page handout with numerous case studies and tips along with additional methodological suggestions and worksheets for integrating service-learning into STEM education. The handout is intended to provide guidance to primary and secondary school teachers for their own service-learning projects. Note: The case studies were developed as part of a pilot project with teachers and document regional initiatives. They are designed to provide a source of ideas and motivation for teachers’ own projects.
Service-learning is an approach to teaching and learning that enriches STEM education through activity-driven, real-world experiences. “Service-Learning – Learning through Civic Engagement” combines cognitive learning in school with hands-on civic engagement, teaching values alongside science and technology: By engaging in their neighborhoods or communities, students learn the social relevance of science and technology. This is followed by a classroom reflection phase in which they actively expand their system of values.
Material developed by the Siemens Stiftung and Freudenberg Foundation for use in science and technology instruction.