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KIKUS digital is an interactive language-learning software that is available both online and offline as a Windows application. With its play-centred approach to vocabulary training and sentence construction, it makes learning a language fun. The use of digital picture cards makes it possible to tailor language instruction to each individual child, so that even kids with a lesser command of the language of instruction can actively participate and make progress. KIKUS digital is based on the tried-and-tested KIKUS picture cards and other pictures related to experimentation. The latter depict experimentation materials of the Siemens Stiftung’s Experimento educational program.
The language-learning software is intended for kindergarten and elementary school teachers and lends itself primarily to beginning language instruction. Thanks to its creative leeway, it can also be used in work with older students, e.g., for foreign language teaching.
KIKUS digital is a joint project of zkm and the Siemens Stiftung. You'll find further information about this collaboration here.
Note: The pictures related to experimentation are also available as Word documents on the media portal using “KIKUS digital and Experimento | 4+ and 8+” in the media search function.


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Further information about KIKUS digital

Instructions for KIKUS digital
KIKUS digital picture cards
Quick guide to KIKUS
Factsheet KIKUS digital

KIKUS is a program of the Zentrum für kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit e.V (Centre for Multilingualism in Early Childhood). Please click here for further information.

Introductory video

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