Inclusive materials for the topic of energy Experimento | 10+

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The media package includes four additional experiments for A2 “Storing heat – From heat store to molten salt” of Experimento | 10+. In the experiments, students investigate commercially available heat packs filled with a sodium salt of acetic acid. The topic can be covered in physics and chemistry classes in grades 6 to 8 in secondary schools.
Additional experiments for A5 “Properties of solar cells – Voltage and power” impart basic knowledge that is equally important for designing objects with solar cells and for large-scale applications. The topic can be covered in physics and technology classes in secondary schools.
The materials are based on the framework curriculum of Saxony-Anhalt and support inclusive teaching.
By using hints, students can independently explore, reflect on, and understand science and technology issues as well as deepen their knowledge about global challenges such as renewable energies.
Siemens Stiftung has created materials for inclusive lessons on the topic of energy in conjunction with the State Institute for School Quality and Teacher Training in Saxony-Anhalt (LISA).

The files of this media package are available individually, plus all these media are combined in the “Inclusive materials on energy Experimento | 10+” PDF file. This file can also be downloaded.