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C4 Sense of sight (teacher instructions)


Experimentation instructions for Experimento | 8+:
Background information on the content and practical information on conducting the “Sense of sight” experiment, which comprises four subexperiments.

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The teacher instructions include information on the following: the main question, relevance to the curriculum, skills, notes on conducting the subexperiments, the research group, further research assignments, the reference to technology, and the reference to values.

The experiment comprises four subexperiments:
• Perception of colours
• Our field of vision
• You need light to see
• Where do the colors of the rainbow come from?

Vision is one of the most important senses for humans. It is through our eyes that we perceive more than two-thirds of the sensory impressions processed by our brains. When we hear a bicycle bell ring behind us, we automatically turn around. That’s because we prefer to see things with our eyes rather than just trusting our sense of hearing. In addition, our two eyes do incredible things: They provide an extremely detailed, continually updated, three-dimensional color picture of the world.
For most of us, this is completely normal; not only children, but also adults, are often unaware of everything that our eyes can actually do. Therefore it is important to sensitize children to their sense of sight early on: How do our eyes work? How can we perceive our surroundings with the aid of our eyes? What level of sensory stimulus is good for us, and when does sensory overload begin? The answers to these questions will differ depending on the individual.

• Observe the safety information in the instructions as well as the applicable safety guidelines for your school.
• All materials mentioned in the instructions will have to be purchased directly from commercial sources.
Biology; Chemistry; Personal, social and health education (PSHE); Physics
Grade 1 to 4; Grade 5 to 6
Elementary school; Middle/high school
Brain; Color; Health; Sense organ; Vision
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