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Energy consumption – comparison between countries


Matching exercise:
The countries China, the United States, Russia, Norway, Germany, Kenya, and the world as a whole are compared in terms of energy production, total energy consumption, and energy consumption per capita. Why does consumption vary so widely?

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The chart shows, for example, that China consumes more energy as a whole than the United States, but per-capita consumption is significantly lower. Norwegians have much higher per-capita consumption than Germans. Why is that? Possible answers: The price of electricity is much lower in Norway and households often use storage heaters. The students should match the factors with the listed countries where they play a main role in energy consumption.

Information and ideas:
The bar chart is based on comparison values from 2018; the unit for production and consumption is million of tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe), and the unit for per-capita consumption is kilogram of oil equivalent (kgoe). The answers to the following questions can be deduced from the chart: Which countries produce more energy than they consume? Which country has the highest per-capita consumption?
The exercise is designed as an “open exercise”; an answer sheet is not provided. The students’ matches can encourage discussion. Inquiry tasks for the respective countries can also be assigned to the students. After they have presented their results, the students can check their initial matches.
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