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For teachers: media, methods, and news

The Media Portal for STEM education has three main areas to support you in your day-to-day work at school:

Media: The heart of the Media Portal, with around 3,500 teaching media under open license – easy to browse thanks to extensive search features and filters.

Methods: Modern teaching concepts such as inquiry-based learning, inclusive learning, and cooperation learning – together with appropriate examples and materials for STEM subjects.

News: News and events from the world of OER and education – plus tips on using our media in the classroom.

For students: puzzles, games and explainer videos

Are you a student who is interested in the subjects of health, energy, and the environment? The student area of the Media Portal offers all kinds of experiments, puzzles, tests, educational games, and instructional videos – yours to browse, try out, and play around with. It’s easy to search by subject matter or media type.

Ready to get started? Go here to the student area.

Around 3,500 open media

The media area offers around 3,500 open educational resources for STEM education – free of charge and under open license - from images, graphics, and videos to worksheets, tests, interactive exercises, and simulations. Smart search features help you quickly find what you’re looking for. All the search results can be filtered by media type, class level, and language.

Do you have questions about the search functions and filters? Click here forOnline help for media searches.

In addition to individual media, you can also search for entire media packages. Media packages bundle together teaching materials on a larger theme and generally include handouts for classroom use. You can download individual media and media packages right away or preview them in the detailed view, which includes information on their content, possible areas of use, learning resource type, author, and license.

Bookmark lists: save, edit, share teaching materials

You can manage personalized bookmark lists using any of the media available through the portal. This feature lets you group together teaching materials into lists that you can later view, download, or easily share with colleagues or students. You can create as many bookmark lists as you like, add and remove individual media, and empty or even delete entire lists. To use the bookmark list feature, you must first register.

Questions about the bookmark lists? Click here for Online help for bookmark lists.

Share: information and collaboration made easy

You can share media, media packages, and bookmark lists with your fellow teachers or with your students. You can give the lists your own name and title, add notes for the user, and specify a start and end date for the sharing. You have the option to share lists using a hyperlink or QR code that you can incorporate into documents, presentations, handouts, etc.

Questions about sharing media? Click here for Online help for sharing media.

Guaranteed open: all media are OER

With few exceptions, the Media Portal consists exclusively of open educational resources (OER) under a CC license. CC stands for Creative Commons, the nonprofit organization that developed the licensing model for open media. The OER on the Media Portal are available mainly under the Creative Commons “CC BY-SA 4.0 international” license. This means that you are free to:

  • modify the media – for example, add new text or graphics to a worksheet;
  • share the media worldwide (including in modified form); and
  • remix the media – combine two Media Portal graphics, for example.

The condition is that you must give appropriate credit to the author, indicate if any changes were made, and distribute the media under the same terms.

Questions about OER and licenses? Click here for OER and licensing models.

Questions about how to use and reference our media? Click here for Terms of Use.

Teaching methods in theory and practice

Our method pages highlight exciting teaching methods and educational models for STEM subjects. Education and media experts offer clear and concise presentations on methods such as service-learning, inquiry-based learning, or inclusive learning. They also provide background into learning theory, point to studies on learning effectiveness, and provide links for further study. Practice-oriented teaching examples provide tips for applying the methods. For some methods, you’ll also find links to online seminars and other advanced training opportunities. To take advantage of the advanced training opportunities right away, please set up a free user account here register

Want to know more about Research-based Learning and other teaching methods? Click here for methods.

Events, new media, newsletter

On the start page we’ll provide you with new media as well as news of the latest studies, events, and portals from the worlds of OER, education, and STEM. To make sure you don’t miss any news, simply sign up to receive our free newsletter, which is published three times a year.

You want direct access to all news from the OER, school and STEM areas? Click here for Overview of current reports.

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About four times a year, we inform you about new media on this portal as well as current studies and events related to OER and STEM.

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About four times a year, we inform you about new media on this portal as well as current studies and events related to OER and STEM.

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