Solar thermal energy and photovoltaics – energy forms with a future

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The topics of solar thermal energy and photovoltaics should be a permanent part of today’s school mandatory curriculum, at least under the keywords of power generation, energy conversion, heat machines, electrical parameters or technical power supply network. The focus of the media package offered for these topics is on physics, with some links to geography and chemistry. The package answers the following questions: What is radiant energy? How much energy comes from the sun? Where will electric power come from in 2020? What is a parabolic trough power plant and a dish-Stirling power plant? How does the Stirling engine work? What is the basic principle of the solar cell? Are there alternatives to silicon cells? How do we build a solar cell in the classroom? How does solar electric power reach the grid? Will there be electric power from the desert soon? Several media files (graphics, diagrams, photos, video, animations, experimentation instructions, information sheets, link list and guidelines) will support practical, real-world-oriented teaching!