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The Media Portal offers around 3,500 open educational resources to help teachers provide a diverse, real-world-oriented classroom experience. Whether it’s mathematics, biology, computer science, physics, or chemistry: Here you’ll find a large selection of free digital teaching materials – from worksheets to content packages for interactive whiteboards to exciting educational games. Are you using methods such as inquiry-based learning, inclusive learning, Service-Learning or Design Thinking? Our Media Portal has lots of information and materials on this as well.

The Media Portal and the materials are available in English and German. The roughly 1,300 Spanish media have been moved to our new CREA (Centro de Recursos Educativos Abiertos) educational portal for Latin America.


The latest events, links to interesting portals, news from the OER community, and recent insights into the use of digital media in the classroom.

Upcoming events

OE Week 2024: Shaping education worldwide

Open Education Week will take place again from March 4 to 8 with workshops and panel discussions. Participants will experience how open educational materials can be used in diverse ways to shape teaching. This is an excellent opportunity for educators to discover open teaching and learning offers and to network globally in the OER community.

Comenius medal awarded to our climate change series

We are very honored that our climate change series was awarded the 2023 Comenius EduMedia medal. The independent jury of the German Society for pedagogic, information and media e. V. awards the medal annually to just a few educational products that especially stand out among all the submissions.

“KittyQ – A Quantum Adventure” game app

The doorbell rings. Someone has left a box at the door – and a cute kitten is sitting inside, half dead, half alive. Based on Schrödinger’s thought experiment, the KittyQ game app takes students 11 years and older on an adventure through the world of quantum physics. It’s an unusual media tip for STEAM teaching that encourages students to experiment while having fun.

Scifest Africa 2022: Back to the Basics

After two years online, Scifest Africa 2022 is returning live: South Africa‘s National Science Festival will run September 7-13 in Makhanda. Inspired by UNESCO’s current International Year, festival organizers are focusing on the key role of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development during workshops and events. Teachers may visit the exhibition free of charge.

Open Education Week celebrates 10th anniversary

From March 7 to 11, 2022, OE Week will begin its annual exchange on the latest achievements of Open Education around the world – online, free, and open to all. Be inspired, learn about new projects, or submit your own contribution.

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Make the classroom your laboratory

Our international educational program Experimento presents real-world science and technology content. Students can work entirely on their own to discover interrelationships around the themes of health, energy, and the environment. The content addresses value-shaping issues to help students develop socially aware, conscientious behavior.

All Experimento media can be found here.


Here you can find our editor picks: media packages on topical themes or materials that were particular favorites among our users ...

New: WBT Vocational Orientation in STEM teaching

How can you incorporate Vocational Orientation into your STEM lessons? Where can you find quality proven content? And how do you best showcase the real-world relevance of STEM? Through our new Web-based training (WBT) Vocational Orientation in STEM teaching we will support you with practical STEM teaching examples that you can apply in your classroom as well as theoretical frameworks to strengthen your teaching.

New: Training on stochastics – Part III

The final part of our three-part Training on stochastics focuses on evaluating various phenomena of stochastics. It looks at and integrates situations in which randomness plays a role. In short video clips that are vivid and relevant to everyday life, Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss covers topics such as multistage random experiments, binomial distribution, hypothesis testing, and one-tailed and two-tailed significance tests.

New: WBT on being a Software Developer

What does a day in the life of a Software Developer look like? What are the job prospects, and what do your students already know about artificial intelligence, computational thinking, big data, and algorithms? By combining STEAM and vocational orientation through practical examples, the new Web-based training (WBT) Vocational Orientation – Being a Software Developer encourages students to consider a career path in the field of IT.

New: Media package on vaccination

COVID-19 raised many questions in society regarding the human immune system, vaccines, how vaccines work in the body, and possible side effects. For young people to understand and conduct discussions on these topics, it is important to add knowledge about vaccinations to science lessons. Our new Vaccination media package helps teachers impart the necessary basic knowledge.

New H5P types and functions in text media

The “Vaccination” media package contains some new types of H5P exercises such as course presentations and crossword puzzles. In addition, we have added some practical functions to text media: mouse-over information, cross references, and direct links to the materials make the media better and easier to use. Learn more on our News page.

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