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B6 Renewable energies (teacher instruction)


Experimentation instructions for Experimento | 10+:
Background information on the content and practical information on conducting the experiment "Renewable energies – Sun, water, wind, hydrogen, and fuel cell". This experiment comprises four subexperiments.

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The experiment comprises four subexperiments:
• Electrical energy from the radiant energy of light
• Electrical energy from hydropower
• Electrical energy from wind power
• Conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy and vice versa

The sequence of subexperiments on photovoltaics, hydropower, wind power, and hydrogen technology provides a highly topical introduction to renewable energies. However, the subexperiments require a lot of time and cover a wide range of content. For this reason, the experiments are particularly useful as a project or for a project day on the subject of energy transition. Due to the large scope, it is also highly unlikely that the students will be able to work through the underlying scientific topics during the experiment. Provided that they have certain basic knowledge, however, the students can optimally verify their current knowledge of physics and chemistry based on the subexperiments. Alternatively, the individual subexperiments can also be used as an introduction to one of the basic scientific topics, based on a real-world technical application.

• Observe the safety information in the instructions as well as the applicable safety guidelines for your school.
• All materials mentioned in the instructions will have to be purchased directly from commercial sources.
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Physics; Technology
Grade 5 to 6; Grade 7 to 9; Grade 10 to 13
Middle/high school
Biomass; Energy supply; Environmental education; Power generation; Renewable energy; Solar energy; Tides; Turbine; Water; Wind
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