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Our tip of the month:

Breathing: We all do it automatically, and yet it is vital. How does human respiration work? Explore human respiration with your students through an experiment. In the “Experimento | 8+: C5 Respiration” media package, you will find the experimentation instructions that illustrate the lungs and their function. For preschool children, the “Experimento | 4: Pulse and breathing” media package contains an experiment and labeled graphics of the heart and blood circulation as well as of the internal organs. The older students will go into more detail: Related to the topic of “cellular respiration,” you will find basic information in the “Sugar combustion and cellular respiration in the human body” information sheet, the “C1 We burn sugar” link list, and the “Experimento | 10+: C1 We burn sugar” (student instructions) experimentation instructions with the corresponding teacher instructions.